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In this FREE training, you'll learn:

1. The one thing you need (i.e. non-negotiable, i.e. mission critical, i.e. you will not succeed without this) to get

super lean.

2. Want to keep your muscle mass while you get svelter? Use this 1-2 punch. 

3. Think your body can’t store a ton of fat in the blink of an eye? Think again. Think you can’t undo weeks of hard work in 20 minutes of cheat day carnage? Think again. (#churros) You can, but you won’t when you learn this.

4. 95% (a legit stat, found it on a subreddit) of successful dieters gain everything back within 3 years of losing weight. Why? What are they missing?? This.


5 Secrets to Getting Shredded

Learn how to sandblast body fat off your frame
and sustain it 

Straight from the Bodybuilding Stage


practical strategies for sustainable resultS 

with your physique.

So let's cut through the sensationalized fluff and combat the sugarcoated filler coming from the rest of the industry. (#fitspo tho)


I’m going to shoot you straight, with what you NEED to hear not what you WANT to hear.


You want your chest, shoulders, and arms to pop with your shirt on and sizzle with your shirt off (or even sizzle then pop...that works).


You've wanted to get super lean for a while, but ya know, got in the way.


But now? You're ready to get serious, stay committed, and even set a physique PR.


Bottom line? You want to BUILD a BULLETPROOF physique.

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You know that person. We all know that person. 


The guy who barely trains, eats whatever he wants, and walks around...diced. 


Well, you know what? I am not that person. I’ve not lived a minute of my life as that person. 


Having basically drawn the short stick in the ‘ol DNA department and growing up with unlimited access to Chips Ahoy and Cookie Crisp (supersetted), I would classify myself as the polar opposite of that person.


Maybe you can relate? Where you’ve felt...


Frustrated with so many failed attempts in the past...


Discouraged by where you’re starting from...


And just plain deflated by the mountain of work that lies ahead…?


I have felt all those feelings and emoted all those emotions. 


And you know what? I’m not going to lie. The road ahead? It ain’t all marshmallows and macaroons. 


It’s going to test your reserves. It’s going to push you to places you don’t want to go. It’s going to challenge you in ways you won’t even see coming. 


But if you can persevere? It is worth it in ways you can’t possibly anticipate.


Do I have all the answers? I do not.


Do I still make mistakes? On the daily.


But by God’s grace, He’s allowed me to fail forward. And in this free training, I’m opening up my playbook and sharing the five biggest fat loss secrets I’ve learned from 20 years on the bodybuilding stage. 


Five secrets that you can use today (or tomorrow...get some sleep) to make your trip to Shredsville more predictable, more consistent, and more sustainable.


Hope to see you there. In the meantime...

Stay Shredded,


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