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Jim and Autumn Schultz: Our Story
James Schultz, Ph.D.

Jim and Autumn Schultz: Our Story

Faith is Where F Cubed Starts and Ends

Somehow, someway, you’ve stumbled into our little camp inside of the vast forest that is the internet, and we really can’t express enough gratitude for how much we appreciate your taking the time out of your day to come and hear our thoughts, read our words, or watch our videos. Thank you so much.

A handful of years ago Jim started Fitness & Your Finances, an initiative that was started with the goal to educate and empower the people in these two, title areas. That never quite materialized into what was envisioned but, after stepping back and learning from the process Jim and Autumn realized that the essential component was missing all along: Faith. And Faith is where F Cubed starts.

Now, F3 begins and ends with Jesus as our Centerpiece, our Core, our COO. Anything and everything that follows will flow from that Truth.


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