Private, Members Only Facebook Group (Value $997)

FTFL is small. It’s cozy.


So this group is not only an intimate community of like-minded, fat-loss enthusiasts that have also made it their top priority to get super lean and duper diced, but you’ll have priority access to me. 


I make sure to check the group on the daily, to ensure that any questions, issues, problems, or pitfalls are promptly addressed, and we can all benefit from our collective wins, losses, and draws (which let’s be honest, is sometimes a flat-out W)


Furthermore, every month, I host a live Q&A. 

Individual Consultations (Value $397)

2 Private - One-on-One Calls: 

One call in the very beginning to ensure you have everything you need to hit the rubber mats running. 


A second call at around the 10wk-12wk mark...right when you’re at the critical juncture of either forming a new habit (the goal) or throwing in the towel (not the goal).

Your situation is unique and your circumstances are individual. 

Interchangeable Training Templates (Value: $397)

Time-tested, evidence-based, power and hypertrophy training programs.


Laid out in a done-for-you, plug-and-play, insert-and-execute framework.


Want a balanced approach to your training? There’s a base template.


Prefer heavier weights in the lower rep range? There’s a heavy weight template.


Prefer lighter weights? There’s a pink dumbb...I mean, light weight template, too.


Every movement mapped out and demo’ed. 


Dynamic Progress Logs (Value: $1997)

The Custom-Built Tracking Sheet has all kinds of goodies:

  • The Metabolism Matching System - optimizes your carbs/fat intake in as little as 3 days, based on YOUR unique metabolism

  • The Goals Lab Plus - lays out the tentative roadmap to what the achievement of your goals will likely look like so you have a clear picture of what's to come


  • Adjustments on Auto Pilot - does exactly what you think it does: how, when, and what to adjust with your first tweaks, so you’re not guessing what to do, hoping it will work, and wasting time just stabbing in the dark

Total VaLUE? $5285