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ABOUT Autumn

Wife, Mom, and friend, I have many interests in life – animals, health, music, movies, coffee, wine, food, food, and food - but I would say that of all of my passions, a few stand out more than the rest.



Family! My family has always meant the world to me. I have always been a homebody and enjoyed quality time with my family, ever since I was young. And now that Jim and I have two children of our own, that love of family has multiplied, and I cherish every single second that I get with our little crew. I am blessed to say that I stay home with little Penelope and Elijah, and they keep me plenty busy.


Faith! I love Jesus. That’s pretty much all that I need to say to cover that one, but I will add that my walk with the Lord has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. He has brought me through many valleys and over many mountaintops to mold me into His image, and He’s definitely not done yet. Work is always needed here.



FOOD! I love, love, love food. I love to eat. I love to cook (at least I’m starting to, haha). I love to watch shows and movies about food. I like to talk to people about what they’re eating and cooking. I love to figure out how I can take yummy, scrumptious, mouth-watering meals and make them even healthier for myself and my family.


Fitness! I have had a passion for fitness since my early 20s. Funny enough, I was never very athletic in school, and I mostly preferred sedentary activities - listening to music, chatting with friends, movies, you get the idea. But something in my early college years clicked, and I started to love it. I loved working out, watching my calories and food choices, and learning how to transform my figure into a fitter and healthier version. Now, keep in mind, I knew very little about what I was doing when I first started. But after 15 years of trial and error and overall improvements, I have learned a great deal about food, working out and an overall healthier lifestyle. And as much as I enjoy the benefits that this lifestyle brings me, I thoroughly enjoy sharing the passion and pursuit of a healthier lifestyle with others.



What can I say? I married a finance PhD, nuff said. Still, I've become fairly adept at what I like to call "mom finances". This has happened mostly out of necessity, but nevertheless, it's happened. As Jim and I create content that is financial in nature, I'm hopeful that my little tricks will help some of you out there save a couple bucks or find a few deals.


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