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The Thermic Effect of Food - What is TEF? If you're looking for a thermic effect of food (TEF) definition, then you're in the right spot.








The thermic effect of different foods basically relates to how many calories your body burns up, when you actually eat. So, in a way, eating high TEF foods is kind of like a metabolic rate booster, and it's definitely a way to speed up your metabolism.


Those of you on a macro counting diet know that different macros already have different calorie counts, but the thermic effect of protein is much different than the thermic effect of carbs. In fact, it can be MUCH higher.


It can be tough to come up with an exact thermic effect of food calculator, or to be even more precise, a thermic effect of food energy expenditure calculator, but we offer up some good rules of thumb in this video.


So, the next time you hear someone claim they've found some super, high metabolism foods, just know that they're most likely just referring to a higher thermic effect of feeding - whether they realize it or not.


This video was brought to you by Jim Schultz and F Cubed.


Video editing by Nicholas Caseletto

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