Thank you for your interest in bringing me in to speak to your people! Some of my more popular programs are:

The Mystery Behind Motivation

The bridge to take you from information to habit is motivation

Optimizing your Nutrition

Macros? Energy Balance? Fiber? Carb Cycling, Keto, Paleo, and IF? You'll master it all, or at least one

Maximizing your Training

fat loss, muscle gain, overall health - learn how to efficiently and effectively use your time in the gym

The Formula for Success

In all fields, success leaves clues and follows a predictable pattern involving four variables

How to Analyze the Stock Market

Stock market analysis can be overwhelming and intimidating - let's change all that

Investing for Retirement

it doesn't matter your profession, we all want to retire. So, what should your investments look like?

This is certainly not an exhaustive list. I'm open to any topics within the Fs that would meet the needs of your group!

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