Full Throttle Fat Loss Questionnaire

The cost of this beta-version is going to be $69. This will include all of your training, cardio, nutrition, custom google tracking sheets for you to log all of your progress, PDFs, checklists, and videos, both explaining the different concepts and strategies and showing/teaching the different exercises, and access to a private FB group with all other beta-testers for you to share your experiences on the program. By being part of the beta group, you will also be grandfathered into the full course, when it launches. This means you will receive:


  • The full, updated version at no additional cost

  • Access to the private, permanent Facebook group that all program recipients will have access to


For reference, the full cost of the regular program is going to retail between $399 and $599.


There is a certain level of integrity, honor, and excellence that is expected and required of each person in this program. Thus, if you are selected as a beta-tester, honesty and hard work are the rule and not the exception.

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